Heated Gutters, Yes or No?!?!

Sep 10, 2018

Here in Durango and the surrounding areas of Bayfield, Purgatory, Pagosa Springs, Ouray, and Telluride, almost every gutter should be heated during the winter to extend the life of your roof, gutter system or fascia while mitigating ice dams which can infiltrate your home’s interior and cause significant damage including mold.  This is especially true on the northside of your home where limited sun exposure can cause tremendous ice dams.

Southwest Gutter offers two heating options, our constant heat Heat Tape, and our Self Regulating Heat Cable that carries a 10 year manufacturers warranty. Call today to take advantage of our 22% off our Heat Cable fall special.  You will find the investment is worth it as you no longer fret over a frozen roofline.  CALL US TODAY at 970 749-5415! 

Southwest Gutter Heat Tape and Heat Cable Options

Heat Cable Serpertined on Roof