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Clogged gutters will backup and overflow causing serious damage to your siding, foundation and crawl space; which can lead to foundation settlement, mold growth, pest infiltration and landscape erosion. All of these unfavorable results outcomes can create serious and expensive problems for your home, which very likely is your largest investment. Clogged gutters at your roofline (pine needles, etc.) also provides dry kindling for wildfire embers subjecting your home to increased risk of wildfire.

Gutter Helmet® Durango CO


Clogged gutters require a dreaded gutter cleaning chore several times a year! Ladders are extremely dangerous and a regular cleaning are yet another nasty chore which diverts precious time from exploration of our beautiful local mountains and lakes. In 2011 alone, the Center for Disease Control reported over 34,000 ladder related injuries which required Emergency Room visits. Keep off ladders… forever!

HOW Gutter Helmet® WORKS

The science behind our best-selling Gutter Helmet® systems is simple. In the 1960s, our researchers figured out that surface tension can passively draw rainwater around the edge of a gutter cover and into the gutter channel while allowing debris to fall harmlessly to the ground. Gutter Helmet® achieves this through the combined action of its ribbed surface and patented nose-forward design.



  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty – Never Clean You Gutters Again
  • Over 85 Million feet installed across USA, including 30,000 customers here in Colorado
  • Engineered and tested to handle 22 inches of rain an hour, twice the level ever recorded
  • Gutter Helmet® strengthens entire gutter structure, critical with snow loads
  • Gutter Helmet® is a closed system, keeping animals out of your gutters
  • Installs over existing or new seamless gutters we offer
  • Available in several color options to coordinate with your existing roofing material


PAIRS WITH Helmet Heat®

Partner Gutter Helmet® with Helmet Heat® to mitigate ice dams at your roofline. With the integration of our self-regulating heat cable, you will enjoy the PERMANENT year round solution to your roofline problems including mitigation of clogged gutters and ice dams. Learn more about our heat cable solutions, including Helmet Heat® here.


  • Triple Life Warranty against gutter clogs, transferable to next owner of home and
  • Lifetime Warranty on Panels to never chip or fade

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“We are very pleased with our new gutters and Gutter Helmet®. The estimation process was very easy and fast. We received an estimate quickly after Bob looked at our space. Install happened very soon after we accepted Bob's proposal. Aaron and Hunter, the installers, were fantastic! They were on time, very polite, helpful, efficient, clean and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Southwest Gutter and we are so grateful for a wonderful install team. ”

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