Gutters in Snow Country?

YES INDEED! – While it is wise to be strategic where you place gutters on your home in snow country, gutters remain a crucial component of your home’s protection system against water, snow and ice damage.  Elevation, directional facing, roof material and pitch, and potential …

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Heated Gutters, Yes or No?!?!

Here in Durango and the surrounding areas of Bayfield, Purgatory, Pagosa Springs, Ouray, and Telluride, almost every gutter should be heated during the winter to extend the life of your roof, gutter system or fascia while mitigating ice dams which can infiltrate your home’s interior …

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Worried about Ice Damming this Winter?

Do you have areas where ice forms and threatens major interior damage from ice dams?  Let Southwest Gutter help with installation of a self regulating heat cable that includes a 10 year manufacturers warranty!  During September, benefit from our 22% off FALL special!!!  Be sure …

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